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  • Blog Post: Countless Customization Options Available In Innovative Kart Racer

    As far as kart racers go, developers across the board adopt the same formula from one game to the next: create a few wacky tracks, throw in a slew of power-ups and boost pads, and place a popular mascot on the box cover for a little brand recognition. While this formula has worked in the past, the genre... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On With ModNation Racers' Track Builder

    When ModNation Racers was first demoed at E3 last year, we were taken aback at how easy and intuitive the track builder looked to use. Sony asked us to check out the game again at GDC, we jumped at the opportunity to dig deeper in the revolutionary kart racer. As United Front Games producer Dan Sochan... More
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