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MLB The Show 17

PlayStation 4


In 2013, Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton used the hidden ball trick to record the final out of an inning, faking a throw to the pitcher to make Matt Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals step off of the base. This year’s MLB The Show also appears to have something to hide, as prominent new features push players to steer clear of the main game to experience a retro-styled arcade mode, manage a team through a simulated gamecast, or even spend time in the locker room figuring out what a rookie says to his agent on the phone. It turns out The Show has nothing to hide. The new diversions


  • Name: MLB The Show 17
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • 2 Players
  • Developer: SIE San Diego Studio
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment America
  • Genre: Sports
  • Release Date: 3/28/2017
  • ESRB: E
  • Offline Multiplayer:
    • Cooperative: 2
    • Competitive: 2
  • Online Multiplayer:
    • Cooperative: 2
    • Competitive: 2
Accessibility Features
  • Subtitles: No
  • [cc]: No
  • Colorblind Mode: No
  • Multiple Difficulty Settings: Yes
  • In-game Help/Hint System: Yes
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