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MLB 14 The Show

See Some Of MLB 14 The Show’s PS4 Features In Action

MLB 14 The Show might already be out on PS3 and Vita, but we know that some of you are looking forward to taking your franchise into the new generation. Sony’s showing off some of the features today, including some that were mentioned in our review.

Player lock puts you in the shows of a single player for the entire game. Quick counts put you at bat with a pre-determined pitch count. Both lead to quicker playing games.

You can let things happen more methodically by fully managing a game, or split the difference with Sportscast Manager mode. The latter allows you to let a game simulate, giving you limited managerial control. You can also step into the game and clinch the win or make a comeback at any time.

MLB 14 The Show will be out on PS4 on May 6.

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  • So excited to play this next week.

  • This will be amazing

  • one more week......

  • So glad I waited for the PS4 version

  • So where are these features in action? Are you going to not provide a useful link as usual with most stories on this site?

  • what are we watching? this tells me nothing...

  • Staff
    Sorry about the broken video. It's been fixed now.
  • Cool. Looking forward to this release.