As Game Informer's baseball expert, I was tasked to scour over MLB 14: The Show's latest trailer frame-by-frame to see if I could spot anything new. My eagle vision spotted 14 things worth noting, many of which you won't find in the recently released PlayStation 3 version of the game. Sony hopes to have the PlayStation 4 version on retail stands and on PlayStation Network on May 6.

The PlayStation 4 version delivers fictional scenarios. Pictured here, we see Wrigley Field's stands filled to capacity for the first time since 2004.

The first old man in a sports game crowd.

The PlayStation 4 can render a ton of American flags.

There's a spooky ghost on the MLB billboard.

New umpire collar shadows.

Third base coach freakouts.

New grass.

This lady is tired of the mascot's antics.

Jason Heyward is super bored.

New grass.

The infield clean-up crew is on strike.

Man in grey sweatshirt is always cheering backwards. "Go, crowd! Ya!"

You can play as Game of Thrones characters.

New grass.