Sony has finally announced when baseball fans will be stepping up to the plate this year. If you’re planning on picking up this year’s installment of The Show on PlayStation 3 and Vita, you’ll only have to wait for one day after MLB Opening Day.

April 1 will mark the release of the title on those systems. Those waiting for a PlayStation 4 version will have to wait just a bit longer. New-generation baseball is coming in May.

Cross-platform saves will ease some of the pain, as you’ll be able to move among PS3, Vita, and PS4. Sony is also piloting cross-year saves, which will allow you to bring your progress in MLB 14 into future games.

The titles will also mark a change in add-on purchases. A new currency called “stubs” will be earned through gameplay and can be purchased with real money. Sony assures that these are absolutely not required to experience any of the game and will be generously distributed. 

Sony promises more details on the PlayStation 4 version soon (and we’re interested to see if there will be an upgrade plan given the staggered release dates). For now though, here’s a trailer for the PlayStation 3 edition.