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MLB 14 The Show

MLB 14 The Show Is Coming To PlayStation 4

In a move that should come as no surprise, Sony’s baseball franchise will be coming to the PlayStation 4 alongside the PlayStation 3 and Vita. We’ve got the first work-in-progress screenshots of the PS3 and PS4 versions along with a teaser trailer that shows off some of the new-generation footage.

In the video, Sony emphasizes that MLB 14 The Show will be “feature complete.” Road to the Show, Franchise, and all of the other modes fans have come to expect will be available right away. 

Sony has also announced that Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera will grace the cover. MLB 14 The Show is out in the spring of 2014 (and if the bullet point on the image below is any indication, it's the only way you're playing baseball on next-gen consoles in 2014).

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  • Now this is a must buy for the PS4 if your a baseball fan! It truley is the best baseball game around
  • Huge difference in technical capabilities. Great to see.

  • Always the best looking sports game every year, can't wait to see what they do with next gen hardware

  • I was pleasantly surprised by MLB13 on Vita (it didn't get very good review scores which had me worried), but this is an every other year franchise for me as there aren't that many changes/improvements in just one year.

  • Wow that is pretty remarkable. Can't wait for this game, love baseball and love the Show, looking forward to it in the spring. Go Royals!

  • one thing i love about ps3 or 4 is the show.

  • can't wait for this release best baseball game money can buy......2k step your game up i use to love 2k baseball but this past year's mlb:the show really hit it on all cylinder's for me it was finally fun to play and not god awful to hard to play and have fun.

  • I am glad to see they are working to make it "feature complete" and it is pretty impressive that they can get so many unique crowd models in the game.

  • Oh hell yes! I was wondering when we were finally going to see some next-gen Show footage. Looks great and it's good to know they are making it feature complete for next-gen!

  • What's with the super blocky shadows around the games back signs? Look at the blank one next to Baltimore, that looks like Minecraft.

  • I havent played a baseball game in a few years. May need to give it a shot again. Was a great yr in baseball with my Home town Red Sox winnin a championship. Honestly didn't see that one coming.

  • *looks at character models and environments of games like the order*

    *looks at crappy character models and stadiums of sports games*

  • I am so excite!!!

  • A must buy for me.