For the second year now, MLB 13: The Show is being released on the PS Vita. By the looks of it, the graphics have gone through a complete overhaul. Nice subtle jab by the folks at Sony, showing Jose Bautista knock one out the park in Miami.
A scrunched-down version of its big-brother PlayStation 3 Major League Baseball game MLB 13 The Show for PS Vita offers good, not great

Experience the MLB like never before. Jaw-dropping realism doesn't just capture every detail and mechanic of the sport, it captures the raw emotion of Major League Baseball . Improvements to Diamond Dynasty, Franchise and Road To The Show modes make MLB 13 The Show  the most true-to-life baseball game  , while the addition of all-new game modes expand gameplay options even further.If it can happen in baseball, it can happen in The Show.
Whether it's the moment you're called up to the majors, a sacrifice fly to left field, or crushing a walk-off homer — every big, emotional moment is there waiting for you. And when it's delivered with such realism, it's like it really happened.
The franchise continues to dominate the baseball genre and remain one of the top sports series available, but it’s also geared for a new group of fans: Beginners to the franchise, rather than just the stalwarts that continue to keep the franchise viable.
MLB 13: The Show does what it needs to in order to attract new fans to the series, but nothing more. With the next generation of consoles on the way, this will be the last MLB: The Show designed for this generation.

  • Take The Show with you and play anywhere on your PS Vita.
  • All-different Multiple game modes bring unique The Show gameplay experiences .
  • All-different Playoff Mode includes an unparalleled in-stadium atmosphere that replicates the excitement and tension of October baseball.
  • Revamped Franchise and Road To The Show modes with expanded options and different gameplay experiences.

Also get a free month of MLB.TV Premium when purchasing The Show.

MLB 13 The Show