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MLB 13 The Show

MLB 13 The Show Hitting Improvements Detailed

Sony has posted a video preview showing the new Beginner mode as well as the push/pull hitter tendencies for this year's baseball simulation.

In addition to the Beginner mode that aims to teach players the same way athletes learn to hit the ball (starting out with fastballs and moving up to off-speed and breaking pitches around the strike zone), Sony explains how ball-bat interaction has been revamped so that the path of a batted ball depends more on the pitch's location and the timing of the swing.

MLB 13 The Show comes out on PlayStation 3 and Vita on March 5.

  • Grasp them balls firmly!!

  • I haven't bought a The Show in a while, but was hitting based on where you hit the ball in the strike zone?  Shames me that I don't even know.  Still though, its the little things like that why I love The Show series.

    Also, I can't leave a baseball-related article without saying:


  • Nice.

  • That's all well and good, but can it pull the trick?

  • I bought at PS3 after seeing a video of MLB 11 but dint buy last years. Maybe this one will get me back in it.

  • By far my favorite sports game series. I love how the developers are constantly trying to improve the game and give it a more lifelike feel. They are also very good with responding to suggestions from their fanbase, I know the new playoff and beginner modes were both asked for by the fans.

    Also, as a Twins fan, I like that Adam filed this under "needs more Joe Mauer" LOL.

  • Baseball is boring, but curling is extreme!

  • Screw 2k baseball games they suck but the show is probably that best Baseball game series ever right next to MVP series