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Mirror's Edge 2

A Tantalizing View Into Mirror's Edge's Future

EA didn't reveal a lot about the upcoming Mirror's Edge prequel at E3, but we did get a glimpse into this highly anticipated game.

There are three pieces of concept arts (which you can see below) and a new trailer. All in all, it's not as much as we would have hoped for but enough to keep our enthusiasm up for the followup to a true cult classic. The trailer below shows how the developers are relying on real parkour athletes to help create the moveset for the new game.

  • "EA didn't reveal a lot about the upcoming Mirror's Edge prequel at E3..." Prequel? I didn't know this took place before the first game.
  • So its coming to the original Xbox too? Seems like a step backward...
  • I never finished the first one, it made me ill while playing it, and it's the only game to do that too. I did watch my relative play it though, it wasn't so bad then, but still. Also I get the feeling Assassin's Creed easy style of world traversal has made me to lazy for this game's style.
  • Was really disappointed they didn't have a gameplay demo ready for this E3. Honestly, the reveal trailer at last year's E3 was better than what they showed here. Oh well, I'm still excited.
  • Just looking at the builds, we probably won't be seeing this game for long time. Dang!

  • Wait so its a prequel? That's lame, I really don't like prequels.
  • What will ruin this game will be the guns... DICE i get it you like guns... but honestly the last mission on Mirror edge sort of force you to use them.....

  • YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Disappointing, I thought it would be farther along than this.

  • I'm guessing this won't release until 2016.

  • I got the chance to download the first and play the whole play through in the same day. It was one of the best short experience I've ever had. I'm looking forward for the second to excel in what it already has.

  • Someone was really sleepy when they wrote this, and went to sleep directly after writing it, because they certainly haven't read the comments yet, lmao!
  • I should probably go back and try to finish the first one. It got pretty repetitive towards the end and I got distracted with better games but I've always wanted to finish just to see what happens story wise.
  • I just hope its like part 1! That and no online only dammit!

  • Awesome. Looking forward to the that world again. Love to see some current fashion designers tackle their outfits. Beautiful creation and look. :)