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Mirror's Edge 2

DICE Releases Single Piece Of Mirror's Edge 2 Concept Art

Offered with only the subtitle, "#E32014" DICE has released a piece of concept art from Mirror's Edge 2.

The image features Faith looking over the city, presumably preparing to run along a wall or jump from an impossibly high height.

Presumably, we will learn more about the game this coming week.

[Source: Mirror's Edge of Facebook]

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  • I've always wondered what a Mirror's Edge with microtransactions would be like. Let's see what DICE-EA has in store for us!
  • Mod

    AWWWWWW YEAH! Thank God this game hasn't become vaporware yet. :,) I hope we get some new gameplay this week!

  • YES. Finally. I really want to know more about Mirror's Edge 2. And when it's due out. I was hoping to see this at E3.
  • That's pretty cool! This was one of the games I was hoping to see from EA this E3. Hopefully they also show off Battlefront 3 and the next Mass Effect.
  • O thank god, I loved mirrors edge 1 on 360. This and star wars battlefront were my highlights at E3 2013 So i am so happy i will hear more at this E3 and they are not sweeping it under the rug or pushing it back 3 years or something...cant wait to see Faith again:)

  • Let's hope EA didn't *** it up!

  • Looks good so far... I wonder how EA will somehow ruin it. They have a knack for that...
  • My body is ready.

  • Looks like... Mirror's Edge... xD

    Seriously though, I can't wait for this game!

  • EA has made some pretty great games. Loved the first Mirrors Edge and definitly looking forward to this one.
  • I wasn't getting my hopes up for any Mirror's Edge stuff but I guess this gives me the goahead.

  • E3 2014 gameplay demo FTW.

  • Definitely won't be pre-ordering or buying day 1. I'll wait to see if it's glitchy or seemingly unfinished.

  • I hope BF4 has taught EA a lesson and they quit rushing games but given people are already throwing their money at Hard line I doubt EA will ever care. Hopefully this game will be good. Either way its used from here on out if it has EA on the case.

  • I can't believe EA is making a sequel to one of the most broken ass games ever to be published. I tried part one because it looked pretty cool and it did look good. Everything else was broken, starting with the controls which were horrible followed by the gameplay. I still remember having no idea why I was dying during this section until finally I realized it was a QTE without any indication it was.
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    WOOOO! YES!!!!!!!!!

  • I basically stopped caring about this game when they went to Anita Sarkeesian for consultation. Shame too, the first one was pretty good. Regardless, anything she has a hand in will invariably turn to ***. Really don't see why they went to her in the first place. Faith was already a fairly strong female character so it's not like they needed her input for that, as if she knows what makes a strong female character in the first place. My money is on EA using their tried and true "appeal to feminists and the LGBT+ community so that way you can bring it up and be immune to criticism" strategy.
  • I am beyond excited for this game! The first game is one of my favorite games of all time!


    OH GOD MY ****!!!

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