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Mirror's Edge 2

A Brief Glimpse At The Next-Gen Mirror's Edge

Electronic Arts and developer DICE provided a tantalizing glimpse of Faith and a next-gen version of Mirror's Edge, courtesy of these new screens and a trailer.

DICE isn't saying a lot about the project other than that it's on the next-gen systems and PC, and that it's still in the early stages of development.

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  • Looks like it might be a prequel considering she had her tattoo in the first game already, then again, could be they just wanted to be cool.

  • "when its ready" seems everyone's on that train lately...Valve started it, Then cyber punk 2077, now his...Please. EA. Take your time on this. I might buy from you again if you do.
  • I really wish that it wasn't first person. I wanna see the awesome parkour stunts that I'm doing. But I guess we don't have a choice. In that case, I hope they use the S.M.A.R.T. system like they used in "Brink." The complex input for this first-person parkour (with some shooting and hand-to-hand combat) game can be very frustrating. But I won't deny that I enjoyed the first game. The graphics are amazing and very tense! And with the new one being open-world, I can say that's a remarkable improvement. I just hope it's not the half-assed open world where you have missions in multiple places and you just decide where to go first.

  • I knew this was going to be done, since DICE were really passionate about the original. I can't wait for this game. The original is one of my most memorable gaming experiences of the last decade, but it had its fair share of problems. I'd like to see DICE address them and knock this out of the park.

    Something that bugged me was the animated cutscenes. The game looked beautiful but and had great scenery porn, and yet those were used. Really took me out of the game :(

    That said, EA has confirmed that it's open world. Hell yes! Great looking city that I wanted to explore so damn badly. I guess they'll show us the start of the corruption and the like, since the enemies seem to be a lot less trigger-happy than in the original (although there could be other reasons for that). That'd be an interesting move. I'd like to SEE this stuff instead of being told about it.

  • this looks awsome

  • I dont know why it reminds me of inception