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Mirror's Edge 2

A Brief Glimpse At The Next-Gen Mirror's Edge

Electronic Arts and developer DICE provided a tantalizing glimpse of Faith and a next-gen version of Mirror's Edge, courtesy of these new screens and a trailer.

DICE isn't saying a lot about the project other than that it's on the next-gen systems and PC, and that it's still in the early stages of development.

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  • Well here's to hoping this one turns out better than the first.

  • This looks stellar.



  • Is this confirmed for PS4?  Really excited about this news.

  • So is it a prequel? From the whole getting the tattoo thing that's what it looks like.

  • I honestly can't wait for this. They could keep everything the same from the first game for all I care, I just want more levels and more story. But if they were to change something, an open world in this game would be spectacular. I'm sure that would sell TONS of copies. With the new tech I think they could definitely pull it off.

  • Never played the original, but this trailer looks pretty good.
  • So epic!

  • Wii U? Please, I'm begging you... :(
  • Made my E3. Just the fact that EA announced this and is acknowledging it and that DICE is allowed to work on something that isn't Battlefield. God, did not expect to EA "to win E3" for me - not by a long shot. But it'll take a miracle for an announcement to happen that will make me happier than this one right here :)

  • Yeeesssss

  • I remember finishing the game without killing anyone on 360 five years ago. Good times. The last mission was a b*tch.

  • I cannot express how happy i am!! Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer. Can't wait to get more news about it!

  • I hope that's Faith's new look, cause that is EPIC.

  • This game makes a next generation console a definite buy for me. What really sucks is a lot of awesome X Box games are looking great and I don't feel like supporting a company who is that rude to consumers.

  • I imagine this game is still a long ways off so I will try and limit my excitement somewhat, but still, I am very happy to know that this game is coming eventually.

  • Hell Yeah!!!....Coming.....When it's ready....

  • Just beautiful, i just played the first one and am glad i have something to look forward to.

  • Yeeeeeees! Perfection!