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Mirror's Edge 2

A Brief Glimpse At The Next-Gen Mirror's Edge

Electronic Arts and developer DICE provided a tantalizing glimpse of Faith and a next-gen version of Mirror's Edge, courtesy of these new screens and a trailer.

DICE isn't saying a lot about the project other than that it's on the next-gen systems and PC, and that it's still in the early stages of development.

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  • The first game just gave me an awesome feeling. Can't really explain
  • Dude this looks amazing. Hopefully it won't be 6-7 hours. So much eye candy =D

  • Cannot wait for this! I'm guessing Spring 2014 or Fall.

  • Looks really good! Can't wait to play it with my Rift!
  • Loved the first one..can't wait for this one to come out...
  • Hell yes. Top 3 anticipated games for me.

  • looks alright.
  • I love the release date 'when it's ready'.

  • This makes me happy :)

  • Future architecture is so damn pristine :D


  • I love this game so much I wanna take it to the back of my middle school and get it pregnant!
  • So just a few years ago in Faith's past, all the cops looked like Tron actors? Seriously, ultra happy this has come into existence. Hope this means that Mirror's Edge is gonna turn into one sweet franchise at this point, but, ya know, without being milked totally to death. Hoping to know what other systems this is gonna be on.
  • YES! Although Mirror's Edge had some frustrating gameplay and a mediocre story, I've always seen the massive potential for a sequel. Glad to see that this is actually happening!


  • Cool beans.

  • Doing parkour myself I can't wait to see how this turns out. I hope they put in more vaults like kong, double kong, dash, speed, reverse, and maybe even turn, plus lazy and thief. Perfect ga,e for rainy days when I can't train. Can't wait

  • I like that they kept the bright color palate of the first. Can't wait to see what improvements they have in store!

  • I hope it's longer. I hope it goes into more details about the world and Faith. I hope it's ready soon. I've never really played anything that gave the feeling of the first one. Like one epic chase scene in a movie. Beautiful and symbolist if colors. Very striking. I look forward to this a lot.

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