I would first like to point out a website I created specifically for the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft at minecraftxbox.wix.com/minecraftxbox      

Pistons are blocks that have a platform that can push in and out. By sending an electrical charge through redstone using a button/lever you will cause the platform to push out and in.  

Pistons can be used to move blocks one-way, or if you use a sticky piston it will grip the block and when the piston loses power and the platform comes back, the block will come with it.  

Redstone is a powder used to send electrical charges through using a button/lever.  Often associated with Doors, Pistons, Noteblocks, and Dispensers.  Redstone is vital in making many machines and generators.

Redstone Repeaters are used as repeaters, delayers, or diodes. Repeating: After so many blocks of redstone, electrical charge will no longer flow. However if you place a redstone repeater it will repeat and continue the electric charge down the line of redstone allowing more electricity to flow.  Delaying: When placed, a redstone repeater does not delay any charge.  However by tapping LT on your remote you can alter the reaction of the repeater.  Thus making the electrical charge slower to go through. The more redstone repeaters are placed, the slower the reaction time can become. Diodes: Simply put it can straighten the direction of redstone. If two pistons are next to eachother you cant use redstone to power them because they will automatically connect to eachother to create a circle. However if you place redstone repeaters on the block before the pistons, power can make its way through to the pistons.

I think it would be a great idea if you went out and tried this for yourself.  So power up your Xbox get some Pistons and Redstone and build something!    I hope this helps.