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Minecraft Helpful Tips


Minecraft Helpful Tips


Helpful Tips

  • Build random tools and such. They might just come in handy.
  • Build traps for monsters.
  • On your first night, gets lots of wood.
  • On your first night, make caves in mountains to quickly establish shelter.
  • Do not go any longer than you absolutely must without shelter.
  • Before entering caves, make sure you have lots of wood.
  • Construct a lot of buildings.
  • Use your imagination and try different things.
  • Put doors on underwater houses. I did not and it got flooded.
  • Build minecart tracks so you can more quickly and easily navigate your world.
  • Always keep light around.
  • Don't mess with monsters.
  • Do research ahead of time: experiment to see what works and what doesn't!
  • Keep Coal handy, both as material for torches and for smelting purposes.
  • If you don't have available shelter when night falls, hide!
  • Always keep a chest with extra items (axe, sword, ect.) readily available within your shelter
  • When you kill an animal, it won't spawn again in the same area, so think twice before you kill just for killing's sake.
  • Never have all your items on your person at once. Only take what you will need, in order to ensure that you don't lose all of your stuff when you die (and so that you can more easily grab cool new stuff that you find on your travels).
  • Work as a team in multiplayer play; four hands are far better than two.
  • If you see coal ore, mine it. You can never have too much.