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    Minecraft Sword

    The sword is a tool used to kill Mobs . It does the highest damage to mobs of any tool. It is also the fastest tool for destroying Fences , Wool blocks and wooden half...
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    Minecraft Helpful Tips

    Helpful Tips Build random tools and such. They might just come in handy. Build traps for monsters. On your first night, gets lots of wood. On your first night, make caves...
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    Finding Diamonds

    First, dig a spiral staircase down to bedrock but be careful not to fall into lava--don't dig straight down. Make sure you bring a cobblestone and an IRON pickaxe...
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    Minecraft Furnace

    he Furnace is used for Smelting , which is a fancy word for burning blocks to turn them into other items. Smelting is required for doing cool stuff like making Glass...
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    Single-Player Duplication Glitch - Minecraft

    You can use a Dispenser or a Furnace (both will work just fine) a stone pickaxe and a stackable item. 1. Jump and place the Furnace/Dispenser under you. 2. Mine the furnace...
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