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Your First Look At Minecraft On Xbox 360

When they first heard the announcement, a lot of Minecraft fans were doubtful that the immersive crafting experience could make the transition to Xbox 360. While we haven't had hands-on time with the game yet, this video of developer Mojang going absolutely crazy over a build of the game could be enough to build your confidence. Minecraft for Xbox 360 hits during Spring 2012.

Alright, now you can go back to playing Minecraft. It's out today. Haven't you heard?

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  • Don't they already have a bunch of Minecraft clones that are literally the same but with better graphics and more blocks already available on Xbox?
  • Impressive.
  • Loved the vid, and I want the game now.!
  • Those are some sexy menus. I will definitely be picking this up at some point.

  • the guy with the i love minecraft shirt tots creeps me out
  • ok... what's the deal with Minecraft? If I decide to start playing this, am i going to not go to work or see anyone for months? keep in mind this is being asked by someone who still plays the original X-COM on nearly a daily basis.

  • I've lost interest, considering the game won't run most of the time. Ridiculous amounts of crashing leaves me wondering how anyone has made anything on this game. I've tried several computers, my mom's laptop being the only one that doesn't crash LITERALLY every 5 minutes. Oh, and sometimes your save likes to delete itself, Can't tell you how much of my time and hard work was simply not there the next day. Very disappointing..
  • Can't wait for this to come out. I have friends who want to get it but don't have PCs for it. So now they'll be able to play it on their 360s when it comes out.

  • That is a beautiful house at the end.

  • This is great news!

  • I love modding Minecraft but there's still no way I'm missing out on this.

  • I really can't wait

  • It looks the same....good.

  • Is Notch wearing a Mega64 shirt?

  • lol that made my day

  • I want it!!!

  • I'm a PS3 guy, but I believe that this game won't be very good on 360. This is a game that will only truly be great on PC.
  • Neat. Wonder if it'll have achievements....
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