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  • Blog Post: Minecraft back in the old days.

    The XBox 360 version of Minecraft has a sense of going back into time if you have been playing on the PC platform. This game is addicting and you can find yourself sitting for hours building a grand home, getting creeped by creepers, and traversing the ever dangers of the Nether. But after non-stop play... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft Review

    3 words. Best. Game. Ever. Yes. While the odd-looking graphics may not seem very appealing, don't hesitate to buy this, unless your computer is crap. Unlimited world, awesome items, leveling up, being able to mine items, and making roller coasters with railroad tracks are just some of the great features... More
  • Blog Post: A great game that will last a you a long time

    Minecraft on the Xbox is a great game. It has all the great elements of the pc game that you would expect from it. The only difference is there are no really awesome mods on the pc. You can be as creative as you want with everything that you do. Go in caves and make a house and play with friends and... More
  • Blog Post: A Literal Sandbox Game

    Minecraft is one of the most controversial games on the PC. Now having it come to Xbox 360 is something that PC and Console owners will love. First off, the full game is $20 which is 1600 Microsoft Points and this game is worth the price. Playability is simple and easy to deal with, with a new tutorial... More
  • Blog Post: pretty cool

    although i have never played it mainly for the reason i dont have the points ive seen my bro play it and it seem awsome has anyone heard of cmc and cmz well not dissin but its better that them but not graphics wise though but still minecraft is pretty cool looking. More
  • Blog Post: Just Amazing.

    All these years i thought mine craft was some dumb game that i would not like until one day i went to my friends house and he asked me if i had ever played mine craft. I said no because i did not even know what it was. Once he showed me it was so amazing i just wanted to play all night everything i had... More
  • Blog Post: Punching Trees Gives Me Wood

    I think my first experience with Minecraft was just like everyone else. Confusing. There was no goal, no tutorial, you were just there. But I think that is what created the appeal for most of us. It was genuine discovery when we figured out the controls, when we spent the entire day punching wood and... More
  • Blog Post: this game will be 2013's game of the year

    awesome game people. Iike how in the game you can pretty much use materials from anything in the game (including lava). Also the zombie craft mode is awesome shooting minecraft zombies is fun. however set up more of a challenge when it comes to creepers.At least have a 91% chance of a creeper attacking... More
  • Blog Post: great game

    ok so i know that people love this game but is that the case i did a survey at my school amongst the gamers there and here are the statistics 85% - never even heard of it. 5% - love it and play it. 5% - hate it cause of graphics WTF!! (i think its more funny with the graphics) 5% - thinks it looks cool... More
  • Blog Post: A building game that never ends

    Minecraft is the game for those who have the joy of adventure a simple land full of monsters, mines, and adventure. Of course the main aspect of the game is setting so you can search the vast caverns of the underground. Get spawned in some random land, punch some tree, make a house, then search for mines... More
  • Blog Post: My Minecraft Rating

    Minecraft for the PC is one of my favourite games to play. The game is only limited to your imagination. When I heard about this game I always thought "8 bit graphics? what a terrible game". Minecraft can't be judged until you've played it. Currently I'm running a Hamachi server... More
  • Blog Post: Unbelieveable

    Let me start off and say that this is and the diablo and starcraft series are the only PC games that caught my eye, i was never really into PC games once consoles can out, But mine craft has to be the most simple but yet most complex game with not including wow. to have a game to where you can play with... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing Game!

    This game is AMAZING! I cannot express it in words. The graphics I wouldn't consider bad. It's a style which I love. It is a very reasonable price for such a big game! The online play is almost as good as it could get. It just needs better ways to host your own server and make your own. I think... More
  • Blog Post: Giving Credit Where Its Deserved

    Minecraft is a surprisingly simple game. All you do is wander around, build stuff and try not to have your face blown off by a creeper. The graphics are not to todays standards, but that doesnt really matter simply because Minecraft is an addictive drug that is easy to become hooked on. I would have... More
  • Blog Post: legos are fun again

    one of my most favorite games minecraft i love how the world is yours to explore and build while this game has consumed hours upon hours of my time but this is a good thing heres some things i like 1 its a free roam game 2 the netherrealm 3 the graphics i like how even though the graphics arent great... More
  • Blog Post: Awesome beyond words

    Dude I don't care that the graphics are blocky, that every time I turn the difficulty up to normal my house is destroyed by creepers. In fact I don't even care that the game is still in development. This game is the most awesome and addicting game I have ever played in my entire life. The first... More
  • Blog Post: A 10, but for one simple reason

    Now, everybody who's anybody knows what Minecraft is. We've had the beta for years, and we were always given new things from Notch to look forward to. The thing is, Minecraft is YOUR experience. You can't "rate" it. It's a huge, creative game. When I first bought it, I was bombarded... More
  • Blog Post: The Best Sandbox Game Out There

    This is possibly the greatest sandbox game out on the market right now. Minecraft includes so many other features that aren't available anywhere else. When people say that you can do whatever you what, they literally mean that. The place where this game thrives is actually just a forum site for Minecraft... More
  • Blog Post: same thing but still fun

    after all this time i can finally rate this game More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft is "my craft"

    Minecraft is an amazing open world game with absolutely no objective. Sounds boring right? Well that's not the case for the millions of sales this game has made. In this game you can do anything, they made it simple to do modding which opens a lot of room for the game. The servers are easy to make... More
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