Minecraft is like building a fort outside when you were a kid.

Except in 1980's video game graphics (except in three dimensions, not two). 

Everyone remembers those days: imagination, innovation, and creativity all at work simultaneously. It was wonderful. Minecraft is like that. Plus seeing it on a flatscreen HDTV makes it all better. I'm not really a PC player, so I had never played Minecraft before it came on to the Xbox 360. Microsoft made an excellent strategic move by purchasing the publishing rights to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft.

I must say I am extremely impressed with Mojang. Being an independent developer, this game is impressive. 

There really is no story, which really is not needed in games such as this. It's one easy, simple objective: build your brains out. By constantly supplying you with minerals and building materials, this flows very smoothly. 

Gameplay is very smooth. I like the inclusion of a "Peaceful" difficulty, seeing as I want to build without having to constantly worry about Creepers and Zombies and Spiders and Skeletons. However, while we are on the gameplay aspect, what confuses me is why that the Xbox 360 Edition is SEVERAL updates behind the mobile and PC versions. Mojang, 4J, and Microsoft: If you are somehow reading this, XBOX LIVE USERS ARE STILL WAITING FOR AN UPDATE!

The music is annoying at times, especially the song that sounds like a synthesized version of "'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus". I find myself hitting Mute on the TV remote, A LOT, and cranking up Hans Zimmer's "The Dream Is Collapsing". Weird for a cheery video game like this, I know.

So in summary, is Minecraft worth the twenty hard-earned bucks I spent on it? YOU BET!

This is not one of those games where you put it back on the shelf after you beat it (put aside the fact that this is software, rather than hardware), because you can forever create and refine. So that twenty bucks spent went toward literally infinite hours of gameplay. So yes, it is worth it. I highly recommend this game to any gamer, recreational or hardcore (like me).