Well, its still August, and with Darksiders 2 still out of reach, im forced again to go back a review a game from a few months ago. I've sunk almost countless hours into Minecraft on PC, and I can honestly say it sacrifices nothing in the transfer to consoles. The overall experience is still pretty much the same. Obviously, the console controls require a different interface to make up for the lack of mouse controls. Truthfully, the console interface works just as well, if not better, than its PC counterpart. The hardware restrictions set the 360 edition back a few versions, but enough of the basic necessities were there that I didn't any of the features it lacked. The only other real difference is that the world is drastically smaller, but if your prepared to overlook what was lost in the transition to Xbox 360, you can become just as immersed in the world as you can on PC. Overall, Minecraft is still a barrel of fun. There would have to be a really serious screw-up if it weren't. 4J Studios handled the property with care and didn't do anything drastic to limit the fun. No matter what system, Minecraft is a fantastic game.