It was a great game on pc, and most of the charm transferred over to the Xbox. The game itself is great, but there still are some issues that didn't exist on the PC. 

   Menu Interface.  

 Although people have different opinions, one of the main aspects of minecraft was lost when transferring over to the Xbox: the joy of discovering a new crafting recipe and then rushing to write it down before you forgot it. Instead, it has been replaced by a system that not only tells you exactly how much and the location that you place each material in the crafting table, it does it for you! As I stated before, this was recieved with mixed reviews, some glad of the simplicity of he new system, and some (albeit the more "hardcore") fans were angered by the lack of difficulty included in the new interface. However, the difficulty was increased in my next issue that I will be discussing.

Control Use

 Although the menu interface toned down the difficulty considerably, the controls on how to use and select items was complicated. I can't count how many times I have accidentally hit one of my wolves when instead trying to actually give it a bone for killing a monster. Other than those accidental mistakes though, I haven't experienced much else other than the occasional accidental placing of a block when in fact trying to destroy one.


 All in all, Minecraft retained its charm and flair for exploration and survival against endless monsters. I really did enjoy the game, however already owning it on PC and then having to shell out another 1600 Microsoft points was a bit of a hassle. However, it is still an enjoyable experience, and I recommend it to all that don't already have it for the PC.