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Mind Zero

Fight With Your MIND

Japanese first person RPG Mind Zero is coming to the PlayStation Vita and now has a release date. The game is coming to North America on May 27.

Mind Zero tells the story of Kei, an ordinary high school students whose life changes when he makes a contract with a supernatural being called a MIND. Battles in Mind Zero involve using the unique abilities of both your party members and their MINDS to defeat enemies.

Using your MIND in battle reduces MP. When your MP is fully drained, your mind will retreat from the battle, requiring you to wait for your MP to recharge before summoning the being again. Be sure to look for more coverage of Mind Zero as the game's May 27 release date draws closer. 

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  • Looks like a good alternative for Persona fans, from what I've seen of the game. Kind of like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure meets the dark vibe of the MegaTen universe.

  • That caterwaul at the start really sold it for me; the shaky stock images of desks and that rusty pipe just made it better.

    I'm always looking for new jrpgs, so I'll be looking out for future articles/reviews.

  • What did I just watch...

  • "Be sure to look for more coverage of Mind Zero as the game's May 27 release date draws closer." I'll keep that in MIND.

  • From the description the game sounds pretty similar to the various SMT games, but the Persona series especially. I love those so I may give this a try. I really wish that trailer presented some gameplay or gave any indication at all of what the plot may center around though. I guess I'll just look and see if I can find any other information on it through a search.

  • Sometimes I wonder if the Japanese are slow or something. Almost none of the trailers for their games give anymore information than a few names of characters and some strange abstract video that looks like a film student's final exam done while he was on LSD. From what I read, on the other hand, it doesn't sound too bad. I'm always looking for a new Vita game!
  • Still not sold on this one. I know I'm gonna get Conception 2 but I can't decide between Mind Zero and Demon Gaze.

  • I wanna learn more on this...

  • I was really looking forward to this before it released in Japan, since it seemed like a very Persona-esque game, but the reviews on are abysmal. (It's got 2 stars and is on sale for $10 right now.) I love Aksys, but I think I'll have to pass on this one.
  • Looks like Persona has competition

  • I have never had a more Persona 3 vibe from a game that is not Persona 3.

  • Uh oh. Looks like Persona got some competition