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  • Blog Post: Modes Range From Boss Rush To One-Hit Death

    The much-anticipated Mighty No. 9 aspires to package fun, challenge, and replay value in its various game modes. Today, developer Comcept released a trailer detailing each one. If you can tune out the lame narration, the new video provides a brief and enticing overview of Mighty No. 9’s various... More
  • Blog Post: A Punishing Treat For Old-School Mega Man Fans

    The collaborative efforts of Mega Man series co-creator and former Capcom head of global production, Keiji Inafune, and developer Inti Creates (Mega Man Zero, Azure Striker Gunvolt) is not for the faint of heart. This side-scrolling action-platformer packs a hefty challenge, even for those who come at... More
  • Blog Post: Mighty No. 9 Gets September Release Date And A Collector's Edition

    After leaving Capcom behind, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune turned to Kickstarter for help bringing a new hero to life. We won't have to wait long now to finally play the spiritual successor to Mega Man. Mighty No. 9 is coming this September on most platforms. In addition to the digital version of... More
  • Blog Post: Backers Vote For English Voice Acting, Mighty No. 0 DLC Teased

    After a taking a vote from backers and fans, Keiji Inafune's Mega Man spiritual successor will feature English voice acting. The majority of Mighty No. 9's backers are English speakers, but after 20,000 votes were cast, the difference those preferring English to Japanese was apparently only about... More
  • Blog Post: Playing For The First Time

    At PAX we got the opportunity to check out the Mighty No. 9 beta level that backers are currently playing.. Immediately after jumping into the game, I got a sense I was playing a lost Mega Man game. It feels like the bridge between Mega Man, and Mega Man X. The X series has always been much faster paced... More
  • Blog Post: Mighty No. 9 Adds New Funding Goals, Teases Animated Show

    Mighty No. 9, from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, had a hugely successful Kickstarter run, but it is looking to raise more money to make the game even larger. The game's Kickstarter raised nearly $4 million dollars, easily blowing past its $900,000 goal last year. The new fundraising campaign is... More
  • Blog Post: Comcept Releases First True Mighty No. 9 Gameplay Footage

    Mighty No. 9, the Mega Man spiritual successor from original creator Keiji Inafune, is coming together. Developer Comcept has released the game's first gameply footage. Previously, Comcept released this footage , but it was very early footage, and was missing most of the game's art assets. If... More
  • Blog Post: New GDC Trailer Shows Mighty No. 9 Alpha In Action

    This is our best glimpse into Mighty No. 9's gameplay to date, and – despite the name – this is the next Mega Man game. While in the tradition of Mega Man, it also seems to be doing some inventive things in terms of the characters' powers. It's important to note that this is clearly... More
  • Blog Post: 2 Player Productions Releases First Documentary Episode

    Keiji Inafune's spiritual successor to Mega Man has blazed past most of it's Kickstarter goals , and development is well underway. Better still, you can follow along with the development of the project by watching 2 Player Production's documentary series. Mighty No. 9 is one of the more exciting... More
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