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Mighty No. 9

New GDC Trailer Shows Mighty No. 9 Alpha In Action

This is our best glimpse into Mighty No. 9's gameplay to date, and – despite the name – this is the next Mega Man game.

While in the tradition of Mega Man, it also seems to be doing some inventive things in terms of the characters' powers. It's important to note that this is clearly alpha footage, as you can see by the generic environment. Still, even in alpha, it's clear that Comcept is building this title from the gameplay up. It already looks fun; the graphics will no doubt come later. You can see some of the basic moves, and also get brief bios on Mightys 1 through 8.

  • Everything Mega Man could be, but Capcom wouldn't allow.
  • It was so worth backing this game on Kickstarter :D Can't wait to own it.
  • Day effing one!
  • Who's #10 and its only one player? I was planning on playing on the Xbox One with my nephew.
  • That dash looks like a lot of fun to use, more fun than X's, that 5 hit stun/dash combo must have felt satisfying, like breaking a bunch of crates at the same time.

    lol rockman dash.

  • Hmmm...This is looking pretty good. I didn't back the project on Kickstarter, but I might consider picking it up when it comes out.

  • After 2 million on kickstarter and capcom still believes no one wants a new megaman. Do they even care about their name anymore?
  • Nice.

  • Even the music has that Mega Man feel.

  • I love that song...
  • Dat soundtrack

  • It doesn't resemble copyright infringement in the slightest xD
  • Looking good. That music was great as well. Will you be able to play as the other mighty no.'s or are they just the powers?

  • I wonder how much he had to pay Capcom not to litigate when this comes out. Looks good though, I was immediately brought back to my NES childhood when I saw it.

  • I am so glad I donated to this.

  • So glad I backed this on Kickstarter I can't wait till this game is finished. Too bad capcom hates mega man now if they just released mega man legends... Oh well.

  • I am so glad I backed this!

  • WooHoo!!! Bout damn time for the soul of the Blue Bomber to return! *The Soul Still Burns!* I am so ready for Mighty Number 9.

  • Looks great, but really. No.7 is just Protoman.

  • Bought the second it releases!

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