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Mighty No. 9

2 Player Productions Releases First Documentary Episode

Keiji Inafune's spiritual successor to Mega Man has blazed past most of it's Kickstarter goals, and development is well underway. Better still, you can follow along with the development of the project by watching 2 Player Production's documentary series.

Mighty No. 9 is one of the more exciting Kickstarter projects of late, and we're excited to track the game's progress with this 2 Player Production, undoubtedly expertly shot, documentary. 2 Player originally planned on making three featurettes, but this first episode is actually episode 0, so you can plan on seeing at least three more episodes before the game is done.

[Source: Kickstarter]

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  • Not one for Megaman series much (played a few but it was hard so I gave up) but this does look pretty good from what I can tell. Mega Man enthusiasts are in for a treat.

  • I've never played Mega Man, but I really want to play this after hearing how great Mega Man is.

  • That was a nice watch. Can't wait to see more.

  • I could see, hear, and feel the passion just emanating from Inafune. He is such an amazing, humble, and, again, passionate person. I love Mega Man so much, as he is one of my favorite video game characters ever. I wish Inafune the best in his endeavor and that his dream may come true. And one more thing: he has just won over another supporter for his Kickstarter.

  • It feels like a Zynga version of Megaman, I get he wants to answer fans response since god forbid Capcom does right by its fans/payroll, but making a bizarro Megaman, just isn't doing it for me, it feels wrong and violating.
  • I hope that last ??? goal is a ps vita version.
  • What an awesome watch, and what a great way to launch a project. It's pretty darn inspiring. I think I'm ready to back this project myself now.

  • Excited to see this :3 Really excited for this game!

  • Very interesting, would like to see more of this.

  • Mod

    As soon as we hit the console stretch goal I was super excited. I've been craving some Mega Man style gameplay for a while, and this looks to be expanding upon that formula, while keeping the right amount of what I know and love. I can't wait.

  • this still looks cool

  • Inafune has earned the respect of many old school and new school gamers. Very excited for this new project. Take all the time you need.

  • Mega man was my go to series on the NES and Mega Man X is one of my top five SNES games (and the only one not RPG/fantasy based).  I am glad to see the creator is giving the fans more craziness in that vein.  For anyone who hasn't experienced Mega Man and wants to they made an anniversary collection for the PS2/GameCube that is pretty available now on amazon or other stores.

  • Oooooooh,alrighty then Il have a look at this.