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  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Reveals Might & Magic Heroes VI Pre-Order Bonuses

    Ubisoft has revealed the digital bonuses that Might & Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness players can expect if they pre-order the game. If you reserve the game directly from Ubisoft's Uplay shop you will get access to all these lovely bonuses: The Angel of Death pack - an exclusive hero and... More
  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Teases Might & Magic Heroes VI With New Trailer

    Might & Magic Heroes VI may still be a 2D turn-based strategy game like its predecessors, but that doesn't mean Ubisoft is incapable of telling an epic story, as this flashy new CGI teaser trailer demonstrates. The trailer is only a brief snippet of the full cinematic trailer that will debut... More
  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Rebuilds Long-Running Strategy Franchise

    Might & Magic Heroes VI is a slight rebranding of the decades-old Heroes of Might & Magic franchise, and the change in image is accompanied by a re-examination of the building blocks of the series. Heroes VI is still about powerful heroes leading massive armies of fantastical creatures into turn... More
  • Blog Post: Beta Begins For Pre-Order Customers

    The franchise turns 25 today, and hopefully Ubisoft will be turning a corner in its stewardship of Might & Magic with Heroes VI. Anyone who pre-ordered the game can fire up the beta starting today to start seeing for themselves. The Heroes VI beta includes a brief tutorial and one map from the single... More
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