Ubisoft has revealed the digital bonuses that Might & Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness players can expect if they pre-order the game.

If you reserve the game directly from Ubisoft's Uplay shop you will get access to all these lovely bonuses:

The Angel of Death pack - an exclusive hero and his weapon:

  • The exclusivee hero, Belketh: Unleash hell with the mighty Belketh, creator of the Necromancer Order.
  • His unique weapon, the Dragonbone Staff: Bend the fallen dragon's spirits to your will with the Dragonbone Staff, Belketh's weapon of choice.

The Dynasty Armory pack - two dynasty weapons:

  • The Dragon Flame Tongue: The most powerful weapon of the mythical Dragon Knights is now yours to master.
  • The Perfect Silksword: Forged and perfected during six generations, this legendary blade is finally ready for battle.

An Exclusive Dynasty Weapon:

  • The Staff of Sar Aggreth: Sar-Aggreth was one of the seven Disciples of Sar-Eiam Andthe Headmaster of the very first Academy of Magic.

Might & Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness will be available to download on PCs February 28.