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A Garden In Four Dimensions

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Miegakure is a deceiving game. At first it looks simple, in both art style and scope, but the unique concept will leave you scratching your head for hours. A puzzle/platformer, Miegakure explores a “fourth dimension” which players must enter to solve puzzles. Designer Marc ten Bosch elaborates in the official game description, “There is no trick; the game is entirely designed and programmed in 4D. Because humans can only see and move along three spatial dimensions, pressing a button allows one to ‘swap’ a regular dimension with the fourth, invisible dimension.”

So how does this dictate gameplay? The player starts in a hub world littered with gateways. Entering a gateway transports the player to a small map, forcing them to solve a puzzle in order to reach the exit and return to the hub. Getting to the doorway in each level requires swapping between visible and invisible dimensions.

For example, in the default dimension there may be a large wall between you and your goal. Swapping to the adjacent dimension will remove the wall, allowing you to get closer to the door, but also puts another obstacle in your path. As a result you need to keep a mental map of where platforms and plains are in each dimension, positioning yourself on the map to take advantage of the changing terrain. After a brief tutorial there are no tangible rewards for progression, just the satisfaction of having bested a tough puzzle.

Bosch notes that his game was inspired by Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, authored by Edwin Abbott Abbott back in 1884. Evidently the book is still popular amongst mathematics and computer scientists because of its exploration of spacial dimensions.

It takes some time to grasp the concept employed in Miegakure, but once that moment of clarity crests, the effort is well worth it.

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  • This one does not seem as interesting as some of the other games at Indie.

  • The Game visually looks great! love the graphics! I'm not in love with puzzle games but this one does look interesting I really like the concept and its something I have not seen before. On another note wow that little guy is strong! ^_^ I'll be sure to check this game out when its released.

  • This one actually looks very cool, in my opinion. Definitely going to check it out.

  • Huh. The little guy looks just like Lucas from Mother 3. Well, at least a Mother 3 type character.

  • That looks pretty cool. And the video was interesting too. "Step 4: Marvel."

  • Visually, great.. gameplay? I like puzzles as much as the next person, but this looks downright boring =\

  • I think this game looks pretty great! Hopefully it will come out soon.

  • This looks like it has the potential to be a really great puzzler operating in 4 dimensions like that. Im not sure about having the player control things as a little slow moving guy but whatev, I'll see for sure if it comes to consoles.

  • looks like mother with 3-D added to it

  • Looks pretty interesting though potentially boring.

  • crazy!

  • that seems pretty unique, but I don't know that I'd have the patience for it...

  • sounds like unique concept that could make for some insanely hard puzzles...but at the same time it seems like how fast you solve a puzzle in this game depends on how good your memory

  • is.

  • It might seem odd, but that looked easy to me. A neat little puzzle, but not terribly hard. Maybe the full game will be more worth it.

  • Hmm... I thought that Time was the fourth dimension, but that's kind of already in games, I guess.