I can't say that I agree with GI's feelings on this game. 

While I can understand that it isn't the all encompassing masterpiece that game connoisseurs always clamor for, it is exactly what I want out of a mobile game.

The art style is fun and goofy. Both in drawing and animation. The characters are unique but you still know what they are good at.

Game play wise, the mechanics are easy to understand, but I found the first hour or so something of a rush trying to keep city areas happy while keeping my team ready to go. After spending some time upgrading it becomes fairly smooth to keep up with. My only real problem was running into the dragon boss. Up until then, I could usually head into a boss fight and win it, if I was on my toes and good about using abilities. But the dragon i ended up having to grind for a bit before I could finish him.

I do have two, half complaints. There aren't very many heroes to chose from when you go to hire them and that i really have no reason to make any in app purchases. My second complaint really isn't anything to discuss but as for my first, I'd like to see a wider range of heroes that are harder to choose between. All of the hero selections I made felt like obvious choices.

Even with my criticisms and the bugs i run into I still finding myself going back to this game, more than most others on my iPad, to kill some time.