So I just beat Shadow of War's main story, and I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised by it's ending. SoW is a massive game and has plenty to do, whether you are tackling story missions, side quests, looking for collectibles, or just having fun with the Nemesis System. Monolith cranked the variable factors up to 11 in SoW. I haven't run into the same style of Captain/Warlord/Overlord twice, they all have different elements that are rolled into making each orc unique. The inclusion of Tribes, Classes, and Elements blends perfectly, giving both Orcs and Talion plenty of new options to play with. Sieges add a new layer of depth to the core gameplay, your army now matters, your followers now have real power and you can use it to take over Mordor. The story is actually pretty good, as long as you don't treat the books of LotR as scripture. While it does take many liberties with the source material, it does so to make the drama flow better. The best inclusion was the Nazgul personalities. Learning who these mortal kings of Men once were is both interesting and in some cases saddening. It gives these rather faceless being more depth and also gives Talion the motivation to question the ethics of The New Ring. The story is structured into 4 arcs, with arc 1 being the weakest link. Arc 1 has no captain domination, rather it is the story of the rise of Minas Morgul, complete with a predictable twist. Act 2 and onward are much stronger, allowing you to really play with the new Nemesis System with better story beats. Act 3 is technically the 'end' of the story, but leads into Shadow Wars, which upon completion has the 'true ending'. This is where much of the controversy attached  to the game comes from. The game has a microtransaction marketplace, allowing for real money purchases. Skip these, you never have to touch them and you will get them for free often. These don't break the game but they are unnecessary. All in all SoW is a great game with small problem areas. I highly suggest getting the base version, if it pulls you spring for the season pass. You won't regret it.