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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

New Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor Footage Shows Off Wraith Abilities

Warner Bros. and Monolith have released eight minutes of new Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor footage. The video shows off Talion’s wraith abilities and the nemesis system, which gives enemies memory of their interactions with the player.

The video shows enemies who have previously met Talion, and how the hero can use wraith abilities to interact with the world and his foes. The combat is reminiscent of a blend of Batman: Arkham and Assassin’s Creed.

The demo also shows how the hierarchy of orcs and goblins can be exploited to bend minions to your will. For more on Shadow of Mordor, check out our cover story from the December 2013 issue. Shadow of Mordor will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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  • ooooh GOD thats hot

  • WOW this is yet again looking epic, I look forward to this title the most in 2014!!!! You can really see the influence the Arkham games have had on this title which I think is great. Love the art style and the environment this title is shaping up great. Really interested to test out the Nemesis system, first of it's kind.
  • Holy schist. This looks great. I was skeptical, but now I'm ecstatic! Good combat flow.

  • That looks incredible! My hype level for this game just shot up.

  • Looks pretty good. Its hard not to compare it to assassins creed or prince of Persia though. Im hoping it will have its own unique elements that give it its own charm

  • I had my doubts, but this has helped. Is this only alpha gameplay too?!
  • Huh. That parkour looks a LOT like Assassin's Creed. The climbing animations are almost identical. That said...I really enjoy the look of the combat.
  • This game looks AMAZING!!!

  • Am I the only one whose anticipation for this game just died after watching that gameplay? I was eagerly looking forward to Shadow of Mordor but this video left me thoroughly unimpressed.
  • A blend of Batman:Arkham and Assassin's Creed?!?!? *mind blows up*
  • That guy's voice is awesome.

  • Hype Meter - Over 9000

  • YAY

  • Gosh, this game looks so fun! But, Ratbag? Come on, they can come up with better Orc names than that.
  • Great voice commentary first of all, hahaha.

    And this game is now more on my radar. damn,.. this is a must

  • Looks great. I'm not a fan of this particular universe but since this is also releasing on PC, I think I have to check it out. The beginning looks like it controls similar to AC, which is a good thing in my book. Even with pre-alpha code though, they should've released a higher resolution video clip.
  • First time I see this game in action, and I am VERY impressed. Really looking forward to this one.

  • Looks amazing but it really looks assassins creed in a fantasy world xD

  • We'll, I'm sold.

  • Wow. This game's looking great!
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