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Mew-Genics Is Full Of Disease

Mew-Genics, from Super Meat Boy creators Team Meat, is all about collecting things. Yesterday, in its weekly 'Caturday' blog, Team Meat revealed that cat diseases will be one of those collectibles.

Team Meat revealed that the character Dr. Beanies will be the one collecting diseased cats, and it will have more information about this aspect of the game in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can download an activity page and create your own diseases. In the image above, Team Meat co-founder and artist Edmund McMillen shares his own creation, and his cat.

For more on Mew-Genics, head here, where Team Meat answers the most common questions about its difficult to define game. You can also see a new music track from the game by heading here.

[Source: Mew-Genics]

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  • I'm so gonna buy this game…
  • I just want it to release! It looks like so much fun!!!

  • I thought that was Burnie from Roosterteeth before I clicked the article.

  • Lol this game is going to be so weird in the good way. Can't wait for this to release.

  • Cat diseases! Gotta catch 'em all!

  • I don't even logic this...

  • This is absolutely ridiculous. But I will play it.

    Interestingly enough, I had no desire to play Super Meat Boy until I watched Indie: The Movie, and saw where McMillen was coming from in his concept. Now it's one of my favorite albeit punishing games.

  • Mod

    I really want this game!

  • Boring.


  • Boring.


  • I don't understand the concept of this game at all, but I love Team Meat and McMillen's games.  Looking forward to seeing just what the heck this game entails!