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New Mew-Genics Update Reveals Collectible Furniture

It's "Caturday," which means Team Meat has a new update for Mew-Genics. Today, it's all about furniture and Animal Crossing.

Furniture is a new feature that has been added to Mew-Genics recently, and Team Meat is hoping it scratches the same collection itch that inspires players to keep returning to Animal Crossing. Different furniture and where it is placed affects different statistics in a multitude of ways. There are a planned 750 pieces of furniture of assorted sizes, with alternate rare pieces that increase the number of furniture pieces even further.

You can check out the official Mew-Genics website for the full update, and if you're still unclear what exactly the next game from the makers of Super Meat Boy is (and you're not alone), a helpful FAQ was posted recently answering some common questions about the game.

[Source: Mew-Genics]

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  • It doesn't matter that we don't know much about this game - I'm buying it simply because of Team Meat's track record.

  • Will be getting this as soon as its available, Super Meat Boy was fun, and I have faith that this one will be on the same level.

  • I still have no idea what this game is exactly, and yet I love it

  • I just want a realese date :(

  • Mod

    Just tell me when this is coming out!!!!

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  • Just like a good looking women slowing taking off her closes. The teasing can only go on for so long. When isIit coming out already

  • The art style is superb.  I wonder when it's coming out.

  • Mod

    xD  I still don't have a damn idea what exactly how the game plays, or it's real direction....aside from Cats and ummmm cats!