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  • Blog Post: A special 20th review; Metroid at its Prime.

    Credit for the review name goes to Companion Cube and NIK , both of whom are pretty cool (even though NIK has horrible opinions). I needed help to come up with a name because I'm incredibly uncreative. My screen name was actually given to me by Shooterboy23 , and- oh yeah, the review. For my twentieth... More
  • Blog Post: Technical Issues Slightly Diminish A Trilogy

    You wouldn't think you'd find an awful lot of surprises in Metroid Prime Trilogy . It's a tweaked re-release package of fairly contemporary games, after all. But, you'd be wrong. For the attentive player, at least, Trilogy is rather eye opening. The trilogy, when played in ascending order... More
  • Blog Post: metroid x 3= 10

    they enhance the graphics and the sound and make the gamplay better for the first 2 plus multie player is amazing. If you never have played the Metroid series this the best way to start. go Retro Studios More
  • Blog Post: Play it one more time.

    Hey, remember the first time you blew up a metroid up in in the third demension? Well you can do it all over again, this time, with all three games. The visuals are amazing, from looking at the details of you plasma beam while it burns a bosses face off, or while looking at that explosion that just killed... More
  • Blog Post: MPT - Loved All Three!

    I don't remember why or how it happened, but sometime between 2002 and 2004, I played Metroid Fusion. It was the first time I played a Metroid game. To this day, the Samus "clone" is one of my favorite video game antagonists. I'm not sure why it took so long, but three years later,... More
  • Blog Post: 3rd best wii game

    Metroid is epic this game is no differint. Take all of the Metroid Prime games and put them into one. Plot: to epic to talk about! Graphics: Is this the xbox 360 edition? Sound: some of the best sound tracks ever Contrlos: Near perfection Replay Value: High good: Every thing eve though you cant play... More
  • Blog Post: 3 games in one, WHAT A DEAL!!!

    when i bought the metroid prime game on gamecube, i liked it , but ended up returning it because of the controls. most games let you run and gun but this doesnt. I then bought metroid prime trilogy and found out that all 3 were in it. I started to play the first one. I was AMAZED!! Nintendo fixes the... More
  • Blog Post: Metroid Prime Trilogy

    I don't see why this game gets worse ratings than all the other Primes before it; it's all three! there's nothing i can really say that hasn't been said already by everyone else. It implements new Wii controls for Primes 1 and 2. And i can say, i played some Halo before playing this,... More
  • Blog Post: This Chick Is Locked On And Dialed In.

    Anyone who doubts that an Off-Rails shooter can work on the Wii should take note. Samus is here to give the hardcore something to look forward to. While all Metroid fans eagerly await the release of The Other M, we have a great trilogy to keep us busy. The Metroid Prime Trilogy comes jamed with three... More

    The trilogy is amazing and now it's finally packed all into one! Prime sets the story rolling with the birth or dark samus, and you get to continue it straight through to the showdown at the end of corruption. Plus with the Wii's aiming system, you get a whole new experience on the first two... More
  • Blog Post: a shooter benchmark for the wii!

    i played this at a friends house. IT WAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE SHOOTER ON THE WII!!!! no offence Conduit.... More
  • Blog Post: Three For The Price Of One

    Most games have their flaws. The Metroid Prime saga had some, like their controls. That problem gets fixed in this game but other problems still remain. Metroid Prime Trilogy offers a mendation of controls, but isn't a new game, but is still a good one. This game is, obviously, a trilogy of the Metroid... More
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