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Metroid: Other M

Nintendo Assuages Our Fears, Metroid: Other M Hands On

Since Nintendo first announced that they’d be teaming up with Team Ninja to produce Metroid: Other M, Metroid diehards have been worried that a more action focused title wouldn’t live up to series’ standards. After playing through the latest levels at E3, however, we can say that this Metroid will please Nintendo purists…for the most part.

In case, you haven’t been keeping up, Metroid controls with just the Wii Remote. You hold it sideways most of the time, and explore 3D levels from a fixed perspective, which gives the game a classic, almost 2D, feel. The game’s auto-aim works wonderfully at targeting enemies off to the sides or above the horizon line. Players will also be able to point the Wii Remote at the screen to enter into a first-person perspective. If you get low on missiles you’ll be able to just point the Wii Remote in the air and reload your stock.

This is the most cinematic of any Metroid game to date. One of the scenes we caught was close to ten minutes long. The area we explored was an old military base that had been overrun by plants, resulting in a jungle-like environment. At one point we ran across a giant lizard monster with a long prehensile tail. This strange chameleon vanished into the background, and we had to go into first person mode to get a missile lock on him. Once we’d stunned the beast with our firepower, we were able to move in for a close-quarter’s hand-to-hand takedown.

A few things still worry us about the game. Samus sounds like she belongs in princess fairy school, and we don’t have any confidence in Team Ninja’s storytelling skills. The sequence we saw, which had Samus awkwardly interacting with her old military boss, certainly didn’t impress us with any dramatic skill.

All told, however, Metroid: Other M’s action feels fast, the controls are smooth, and the levels are interesting to explore. We’re more excited than ever for the game when it comes out on August 31.

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  • yay!

  • im definitely buying a wii. Nintendos press conference was definitely the best press conference i have ever seen at e3!

  • Mod

    well i just want to know how samus is coating with the death of her baby metroid. they said they would discuss it in the game.

  • Yay, can't wait!

  • Dang that was a good demo of the game.

  • I've been excited for Other M ever since i saw the first trailer. Even though there isn't much confidence in Team Ninja's storytelling abilities, i'm still excited for the storyline, as well as the combat.

    Man, i can't wait for this game.

  • I don't need a better Metroid story than what Prime 1 had, but the CGI looks sick.

  • good to see this game is turning out to be good

  • I still don't know about this.

  • AWESOME! can't wait.

  • This sounds really good, I am totally stoked for this game. Loved Metroid since the NES classic, I cannot wait for this title!

    I agree with LinkTriforce, I think Nintendo stole the show at E3, they have such a good lineup and stuff coming in the future.

  • Did I not tell you that there was no reason to fear the gameplay?  That the story was the big deal here?

  • metroid prime will always be my favorite console one...

  • I was really concerned when I heard that development rights had shifted from Retro Studios that made the Prime trilogy, but this looks like a really nice, innovative, and promising revolution to the Metroid franchise. One that I definitely look forward to playing soon after launch (birthday's in september, woot!)

  • Why can't August come sooner?

  • So gonna buy this game when I have the chance :)

  • I wonder if Samus will have her suit and lady lumps 'jiggle' like the respectable ladies from the Dead or Alive series? Don't rest on your laurels Team Ninja!!! Gives us some attempt at a story, pweeze?

  • Nintendo gave me everything I have been waiting, since the 64 to have. Classic 2d sidescrolling with some fresh innovations, bigger worlds and super fun gameplay. I have been with nintendo from the beginning and am so happy to be able to suffer nostalgia sickness!

  • Go Ninja (go ninja go), make Samus SEXAY!

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