Metroid other M is an interesting game because it tries to blend the feel of the side-scrolling Metroid games while adding a 3rd dimension to the side-scrolling environments and provides an auto-aim feature which would help casual gamers as well as help make the combat in the 3Dish areas less cumbersome.

The game also adds first-person segments which are annoying because to use missiles you'll need to switch from holding your remote like a classic controller to pointing the top part of it at the screen and you'll need to switch back and forth very quickly and you'll need to do this a lot and at first it seems cool but after you do it many times it is very annoying.Even more annoying about the first-person segments is you cannot move and are vulnerable to enemy attacks when you're doing them.

So basically,if you were expecting lots of non-linear 3D environments which were a standout in Metroid Prime 1 and 2,you won't find them here.You'll need to do a bit of exploration because you'll need to find passages through environments(if you've played the side-scrolling Metroid games before you'll have noticed travelling from left to right often isn't the route to get to where you need to go)which means you'll need to find weak parts of structures that you can blast through with bombs or narrow passages that you can go through using your morphball ability and sometimes you'll need to travel vertically and make use of the flipjump to get to higher platforms or find the place that restores power so you can use elevators etc.

If you've never played the more classic style Metroid games,they're basically like a mixture of shooter with a bit of platforming.Samus can shoot her weapon rapidly or charge up a more powerful shot.Samus is very agile and can run fast and jump and flip out of the way of enemy attacks.

There's also weird,annoying gameplay elements such as having to stare at the screen and find a key item you need to scan in order to make the game move forward and it's annoying when you have to do this after a boss battle when you just want to save your progress.

The story is set right after Super Metroid,and uses the concept of mysteries quite well and has some interesting Sci Fi ideas.Without giving away spoilers,Samus receives a distress call from a ship and goes to investigate and she meets a platoon who are also investigating the ship and some of the people from the platoon are people who she knows and they treat her harshly due to things that happened in the past but after she protects them from dangerous lifeforms,the commander of the platoon allow Samus to come along with them as they investigate the ship even more and learn secrets about the ships and many things happen  in the story that make it interesting while using mysteries quite well.

The story  presentation has beautiful cinematics with stunning Sci Fi environments and nice narration that try to show Samus as a real person and show moments from her past that haunt her or that made her into the person she is now.

The cinematics that show beautiful Sci Fi architectural designs for buildings bleneded with beautiful skies that use colors  such as orange,pink,yellow,violet and the way it shows sunlight shining on the city and how they have artistic effects such as how some facilities use the color white all throughout them but you'll see Samus in her bright-blue tight uniform and long blonde hair and it's a nice combination.I also like how some cinematics look a bit hazy to make them look like past memories.But for a more,darker and dangerous Sci Fi feel you'll see cinematics that take place in darker,metallic environments too.The way the cinematics use beams of light shining on things makes them look beautiful,even for the dark,metallic environments.

The story has some silly concepts though such as how Samus's suit has all the abilities from the end of Super Metroid but she only uses the abilities that the platoon commander allows,even though doing so makes her mission and their mission much harder and she won't even use the ability her suit has to shield her from extreme heat even when she's on a volcanic planet!

I like how the artstyle can mix the dark,metallic feel of Sci Fi with bright colors.It makes an alien jungle environment feel more alive.

Samus's voice acting when she narrates her own story during cinematics has a nice monotone to it that suits the coldness of space and harshness of military environments.

Overall,the story presentation and beautiful cinematics make what otherwise would have been an unspectacular Metroid game a more enjoyable experience.