Wow.  That wow isn't a good thing.  The Metroid series was great (Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime series) until now.  I really expected more than this.  When Metroid first came out, there was this great feeling playing through the game, shooting pretty much everything that got in your way.  And at the end, you found out Samus was a girl.  That gave her a "Don't come near me or I'll shoot you with a missle!" image.  Metroid 2 and Super Metroid improved on that.  Metroid Prime didn't really give her much character (I'm not insulting Metroid Prime), but it had great gameplay.  And look at this game.  It changes her image to a little girl image.  And that is just one thing wrong with this game.  The controls feel tacked-on somehow, and once you play through this game, you don't want to again. 

Gameplay:  The gameplay in this game can last, on average, about 25 hours.  Of course, that is by standards, short.  And considering how bad this game is, I'm glad it's shorter than most games.  After you play through it, if you use the same account, it just feels even more horrible.

Graphics:  OK, this might be the only category that Metroid: Other M excels at.  The graphics might not be the best on the Wii right now, but they're good.  This is the only part of this game that I liked because-  well- Metroid- 3D environment, I think you can figure it out from there.  Either way, I'm just saying these graphics are great in this game.  Although, I wouldn't buy this for kids under 10 or so due to these graphics.

Lasting Appeal:  If the entire game is literally painful to play through, why would the lasting appeal be any good?  Well, the lasting appeal for this game, obviously, is just flat out horrible.  One you play through this game once, you DEFINITELY don't want to keep playing on the same account.  And I would be very surprised if anyone would start another account so they can play through it again from the start.

Controls:  Again, the controls feel tacked on.  But those tacked on controls are simple.  1 to shoot, 2 to jump, arrow pad to move, and point the Wii remote at the screen to go into first person.  I hate having to go into first person to shoot missles and super missles, though.  Speaking of that, you shouldn't be able to refill your missles whenever you want.  That takes away the fun of finding the missles from enemies and stuff that the past Metroid installments included.  Ugh.

Sound:  In terms of the music, in my opinion, it isn't good.  Where's the classic Metroid music?!  As for the sound effects, they're good.  Sometimes that's the only reason I drop Samus into the lava in Sector 2!  The voices seem overdone, but they're great if you actually want the voices.

Do yourself, your wallet, and your TV a favor by not buying this game.  You can ignore me and buy the game, since this is just an opinion, but I'm pretty sure you won't like this game.  Usually I would end these reviews with a funny hook or something, but I can't think of anything.  So, the game, just uugghhh.