Concept: Discover the legendary bounty hunter's past in a whole new view.

Graphics: The environments and enemies look brilliant. You'll see some classic enemies from Super Metroid to Metroid Fusion. The character models look decent.

Sound: The sound plays well for this game. Some of the classic music sounds great.

Playability: The controls are simple and work we'll. The first person mode is smooth, but the fact that you can't move makes any situation hard.

Entertainment: If your looking for a game that does not have alot of drama in it, look else where. If your looking for a game with intense action and fun exploration, then this is your game.

Replay value: Moderate

The fact that some of the reality was taken away is a big issue. Samus would not run around taking damage in the super heated Sector 3, she would put her Varia suit to avoid damage. They made her look like an idiot. Also they made her a brat. I would not imagine her to be a brat and it was wronge for Team Ninja to make her one. Another big issue is the cutscenes. That fact that you can't skip some of them, especially when you have seen them already gets annoying. The story runs okay with the game, but they could have done better. Other than all that, the game is okay. In the next Metroid game, I want Retro Studios back behind the desk.