I had seen some of  the lukewarm reviews of Other M, but I was still cautiously optimistic when I finally rented the game.  Boy am I glad I didn't buy it (which I almost did).  I am a huge Metroid fan, particularly the Prime games, so I figured this game would at least be marginally enjoyable.  Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.  First off, everything you've heard about how annoying they made Samus is absolutely true.   God, why did they make her talk?  I HATE Samus in this game.  Never a good sign when your primary feeling towards the main protaganist in a game is blinding hatred.  But I could have dealt with the Samus travesty if the game was at least fun.  Its not.  The gameplay is at times frustratingly difficult, but not because of any level of challenge; simply because the controls....well, frankly they suck.  The gameplay and viewpoint COMPLETELY change when you want to use missles, and transition between the standard gameplay and the missile aiming mechanic is jarring to put it kindly.  And some enemies (including bosses) can only be defeated BY using missles.  So while being swarmed by enemies and taking significant damage, you're just cursing at the screen trying to get "missle lock" on a MOVING TARGET....but you can't move while aiming.  That's the point I turned it off and gave up.  There was a time when I thought I was going to stick it out simply for a Metroid experience, but my frustration level was just too much.  All gamers:  stay away.  Metroid fans:  stay FAR FAR away.  One of the most disappointing games I've ever played.