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Metro Redux

New Trailer Shows Off Impressive Graphical Improvements

Deep Silver and 4A Games have remastered Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light – and this new video shows just how much they've improved the games.

This new trailer shows off a lot of side-by-side footage of Redux and the last-gen versions of the Metro games. As you can see, it's a e very marked improvement.

4A Games hasn't just improved the visuals, Metro Redux also features better AI, weapon-handling, and framerate. They developers have created new areas to weave between levels that ended and started abruptly, and have added new secrets and enemy encounters. PC users will be able to run the game at 4K resolution if their gaming rig can handle. The Metro games are two of the most underrated of the last generation; Redux looks like a great way to experience them if you haven't already.

  • Missed out on these last gen, so I'm really excited to try these out for the first time in current gen graphics. I also like that they give you the option to play each game in the style you want. Game looks really good in the video.
  • I have always wanted to play these. I finally have my chance, I'll be pre-ordering this later today.

  • These two were great games! Definitely getting them for my new console.

  • Looking forward to playing this collection.

  • Two of the greatest games of last gen, from the most dedicated and talented developer I can think of, completely redone for new gen hardware on one disk?

    Yeah, this is day one for me.

  • Gives me a ................ just being reminded that its coming out. Can't wait

  • Mod

    I can't wait. I didn't play the older games, but I always to. The trailer for the second Metro game also has one of the best uses of Portishead ever.

  • I definitely want a third Metro game, if they can pull it off as well as the first two, or better. But I can't see it going beyond a third game.
  • Looks like a solid update for two games I never played. If it had come out earlier in the summer I would have heavily considered it, but maybe one day in the future. Would be a cool ps+ offering.

  • Holy crap, awesome!

  • Still disappointed these games didn't live up to original book. There were a few improvements, and of course, it was a much more action orientated experience, but the books simply have far better world building and characterization.
  • Looks great. i beat 2033, loved it. Ironically, haven't played Last Light.

  • i love the metro series!

  • Never played these last gen but I was interested in checking them out. Hopefully I'll get around to it this time around.

  • Well, this sealed the deal. I am totally going to get it for my XBOX One.

  • Put the Video in Full HD, so we can see the new quality, otherwise it looks worse.

  • never played, but, willing to try this game!

  • When I heard about this I immediately stopped playing metro 2033. I can't wait to get my hands on it, btw am I the only one who never understood the filter timer in 2033?

  • Better AI is what Metro Last Light lacked hardcore thus making the game a joke on the hardest difficulty, I am glad they are revising it and not just beefing up the visuals.

  • This is looking excellent, the obvious game to benefit the most from this is 2033. It's the better game in my opinion and with the new coat of paint plus interface it's going to be epic!

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