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Metro: Last Light

Faction Pack Announced As First DLC

Deep Silver has announced the first DLC for Metro: Last Light. The Faction Pack will contain three new missions to conquer. 

Each of the three new missions offer different gameplay challenges and enemies to face:

  • Take over a Reich outpost under the cover of night
  • Defend the frontlines with powerful weapons
  • Play as a Polis Ranger in training on an exploration assignment

Deep Silver also announced future DLC packs for Metro. The Tower Pack, Developer Pack, and Chronicles Pack will offer more missions as well as new competitive modes and weapons.

The Faction Pack is available for download July 16 on Steam, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Store. It is included in the season pass or can be purchased for $4.99 or 400 Microsoft points.

For the full press release, please click on page two.

  • Cool, I wonder if these competitive modes means multiplayer, if so then this game might get some replayability.
  • Downloadable content for story-based games always concerns me. To be fair though, the Harley Quinn DLC from Arkham City was a great example of how to carry a story forward and allow for engaging and familiar-yet-expanded gameplay.

    How has the DLC been with single-player narrative-heavy games - like Metro and Bioshock? This is compared to, say, Borderlands, where the light nature of co-op gameplay allows for an enriched experience.
  • I've been wanting to play this game pretty bad, need to pick it up.

  • i have the game but havent gotten to playing it yet
  • I bought the season pass yesterday and now this news comes out. Perfect timing. :)

  • Am I the only one wondering why the Polis Rangers would be so dense as to send a rookie into the Library? The Librarians were the hardest mutants to fight in Metro 2033.
  • Can we get some patches to the game please?!?!??!  I stopped playing when the guards in the room I am in will not move at all.  They are frozen in place even after I kill them and I cannot go any where without triggering the alarm.

  • I completely forgot that I had bought the season pass for this game. Looking forward to more Metro.

  • After reading this, I just may have to take a return trip to the metro tunnels.

  • After reading this, I just may have to take a return trip to the metro tunnels.

  • I was wanting more and I havent been let down
  • Competitive modes? Hmm, maybe delayed MP will get the MP haters to can it and let us have our fun? Nevertheless, more Metro is a good thing, although I'm still just getting through the first one off and on.
  • Definitely looking forward to trying these out. Last Light was phenomenal, and these could potentially keep me playing for awhile!
  • alright i could use some more metro

  • This is a great game, I've enjoyed myself a lot. I can't wait to pick this DLC up!

  • thanks for the info, sure gonna get this, last light did so better than the first one and i am still overwhelmed by the game

  • More Metro Last Light? Sign me up. I loved the story of Artyom, and its gonna be cool to see the viewpoints of the other factions now. Can't wait!

  • i feel as if they are not putting a'lot of effort into the dlc if it will only cost $5.00

  • metro for the masses!