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Metro: Last Light

Surviving The Underground In Metro: Last Light

During an offsite PAX East appointment today, I had the opportunity to play an hour of 4A Games' upcoming shooter Metro: Last Light. While technically an FPS, I was impressed with the variety of gameplay on display during my time with it.

My demo started in a storage room in which I collected guns and a gas mask. Making my way out of this initial area, I immediately encountered numerous guards in an underground subway station. Crouch-walking through the corridors, I was able to blow out lanterns as I slit throats and took out guards with silenced headshots. Stealth is a tricky thing to do right in a first-person game, but sneaking around as Artyom felt spot-on.

I scoured every room I found for ammunition, and it didn't take long for me to be glad I did. In a giant room that was crawling with guards, I botched an attempted stealth kill and alerted everyone to my presence. They activated gas and pulled their own masks over their faces. Artyom began coughing and his vision blurred until I selected my mask from a radial dial.

Now that I was spotted, I had little choice but to shoot my way out. Tense music pounded as I sprinted through dimly-lit rooms while blasting guards with an assault rifle. When I finally escaped via an air duct, I felt a palpable sense of relief. With its numerous enemies, engaging stealth, and great soundtrack, Metro excels when it comes to atmosphere.

I crawled through the vents, occasionally stopping to burn away cobwebs with my lighter. After meeting an older survivor that granted me with a rail car, I was given the task of heading towards Venice. I rode the buggy-like vehicle until I eventually found my way into a disgusting room that was filled with cobwebs and mutated spider/scorpion creatures. While the train station felt like standard (yet solid) shooter fare, running around in dark cobweb-infested rooms with monsters after me felt more like survival horror.

Once I got back on the rail to Venice, dog-like creatures began jumping on my vehicle and attacking me. I fought them off with a shotgun as I continued down the track. When the road finally ended I rang a bell to summon a ferry. Unfortunately, this grabs the attention of several monkey-like mutations that attack me until the ship arrives. It's yet another tense encounter in the demo, and it had me praying that the ship would hurry up and reach me.

At the end of the demo, I successfully fought off the beasts and jumped onboard the ferry. Artyom was taken off to temporary safety, but something tells me he'll have plenty more rough encounters in the later hours of Metro: Last Light.

  • I don't need any more trailers or gameplay to know I'm getting this game.

  • Good to hear this one is coming along nicely. I loved the first one and I've been looking forward to the sequel since I saw the credits in the first. Keep it comin' Dan!

  • I was sold since the 5 games under the radar issue or however u say it

  • The first was a blast, but very flawed. If the sequel can fix the issues and deliver on it's promises, it will be one hell of a game.

  • That moment when you're still stuck on a chapter in Metro 2033.
  • I'm sure they will fix the flaws that first game had. The only thing I want from Last Light are bigger, more open levels on the surface. And I hope they kept that creature from the first game that detects movement.

  • Mmmm reading what you did in the demo is SOOOO interesting :)
  • Will we get a demo?

  • Can't wait for this game to drop. possible GOTY anybody?
  • already have my preorder
  • ah, the pax preview articles, where you'd really think there would be a video...

  • Why does Dan need to sneak in a video game?  He should run right at the enemies and scream "Die!  Die!  Die!"

  • can't wait for it!

  • So the stealth is better huh? While I really loved the first game, the stealth wasn't great.
  • Let's hope this one is waaay better optimised. Last one can barely pull 60 fps (with frequent dips below it) on high (not ultra) with two GTX670's and it's not that good looking either. Good game though.
  • I'm glad to hear that the delay hasn't slowed down progress on the game!

  • I cannot wait.

  • Sounds epic.
  • are you my mummy?
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