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Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light Trailer Paints A Bleak Picture For Humanity

Looking for something to cheer you up after a rough day? Then you may want to avoid the new gameplay trailer for Metro: Last Light.

The new trailer shows that surviving the post-apocalyptic world is an arduous task. Between the violent environments on the surface, the rough living conditions down below, and the threat of being eviscerated by mutated monstrosities, the remaining survivors of humanity have plenty to deal with. 

Metro: Last Light is currently set to release in March. If you still haven’t played Last Light’s predecessor, Metro 2033, head over here to find out how you can get a copy for free. 


  • Well, well. 2013 gets better and better.

  • i cant wait!

  • Sweet.

  • This game is looking fantastic. I'm gonna go pre-order it now.

  • Nice graphics, but it really didn't cheer me up from my day. . .
  • Amazing trailer. Really psyched for this game.

  • I played a little bit of the first one, still need to finish it so i can play this one whenever it comes out.

  • sexy sexy...

  • Everyone needs to play Metro. It looks amazing

  • Well, THQ is going to have an awesome early 2013 on their hands, what with this and South Park.

  • It looks good

  • This game look good and im looking forward to it. But I cant help myself from thinking this game is going to be a flop for THQ, just like Darksiders 2 which I dont think even sold the 2 million units to break even yet.

  • Wow, for so many reasons...

  • Wow, the trailer looks wonderful. Yea it's a little depressing, but for some reason I like that. Very high hopes for this game.

  • Looks like Fallout 3 meets DOOM. Could you get a more perfect combination than that?

  • Metro 2033 caught me by surprise.  I  downloaded it one morning (despite the mixed reviews) just to experience the atmosphere of a nuclear Russian wasteland and right away the game pulled me in. It became one of my top 3 games of 2012. Last light looks even better and is a definite day one purchase. Congrats to 4a studios for sticking to their guns and keeping it single player.

  • Yeah, you wasn't jokin'. That trailer is depressing.

  • Loved the first Metro game, and I can't wait for this one to come out. Probably going to replay Metro 2033 a few times first, just to get back in the swing of things.

  • Mod

    I just started my playthrough of Metro 2033 and it was def not what i was expecting ( in a good way).  I love the grit and overall theme to the game and with just a tinge of horror so far makes a very solid game!  Kinda reminds me of Fallout but in Russia and more in your face :]

    I think I'm really going to enjoy this game enough to get Metro: Last Light

  • oh its going to be sooo good!