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Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light Is Tough On Everybody

How does a once wealthy, popular model deal with living in post-apocalyptic Moscow? THQ released a new, live-action trailer for Metro: Last Light showing how tough it can be. The game is due out in March 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

  • I am so hyped for this game! The first one was great.
  • In soviet russia, guns shoot money! jk but awesome trailer, is this like a gta/fallout type game?
  • I'm excited for this game.I still haven't played the first one.

  • maybe this will be what saves THQ, fingers crossed

  • I haven't played the first one, but this looks awesome!
  • This game looks awesome each and every reveal. Though I think this game would make for an awesome parody, with the Heavy from TF2 starring as the main character: "Mutant babies will never get Sadvitch!"
  • Dat thumbnail...
  • Now that was a live-action trailer: the creepiness, the desperation, the emotion. None of the other live-action trailers that only has funny moments and A-list actors
  • The main idea of the video is, no matter what disaster happens, human race always **** each other.
  • Well that was dark, can't say I'm looking forward to much more of these "the world is an awful place and you do awful things because everything sucks" type of games. I realize that a player need motivation to do things, but sometimes I feel like there's no more point in making games that are just depressing.
  • Wow... that was depressing.

    But it really sets the mood for the game, and I'm pretty excited for Last Light.

  • Wow... I don't typically like live-action trailers, but that was pretty cool. I can't wait for this game... Perhaps I should go through the original... again. =)
  • I love the design in this game.

  • Looking forward to the Holodeck HD Re-release in fall of 2033.

  • There isn't a more depressing group of people than the russians, it's like a nation of emo people. Even Africans are more optimistic than russians and most of the time they've got nothing and are constantly under the threat of war from whatever warlord of the week is reigning.
  • always wanted the frst, guess il buy it tomorrow

  • Just got the first one in the Humble THQ Bundle, can't wait to play it.
  • Words cannot describe how excited i am for this game

  • Words cannot describe how excited i am for this game

  • ohohoh! awesome! i cant wait for this game!

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