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Metro: Last Light

E3 2011 Trailer: Portishead Included

THQ has released the E3 trailer for its upcoming survival horror FPS, and I'm comfortable saying that it's the best use of legendary trip-hop band Portishead's music we're going to see at this year's show.

The trailer consists of equal parts hectic shooting and brooding atmosphere, which is encouraging. Metro 2033 won a lot of fans over with its unique vibe, and this trailer is reassuring for pushing that same sense of desperation and terror.

You can read Phil's long love letter to Metro: Last Light here, or come back next week for a report on the game's presence at E3.

  • Wonder why it's called Last Light? Pretty ominous title.

  • this is so much better than that horrible trailer from a couple days ago

  • its nazi an commie killing time. hoohaa....oh an muntie thingies to

  • That was a really good trailer.  Hopefully as this game nears I'll hear if I need to go back and play the original or not.

  • This has to be one of the best trailers ever made. The way it blends into the music and shows gameplay but doesnt really give you time to look at everything really gets me interested in the game.

    I think I will actually be checking this one out.

  • Unffffffff, 4A, why are you so amazazing? D:

  • I think this is a good example of how good music and good editing can make me curious about a game I was not previously interested in.
  • PUMPS ME UP! I cannot wait to barley survive a depressing world!

  • *** that looks like fun! Nice video plus the music fit perfectly
  • Original. Very nice title; let's hope it does well!

  • The song is Called Machine Gun from Portishead.