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Metro: Last Light

E3 2011 Trailer: Portishead Included

THQ has released the E3 trailer for its upcoming survival horror FPS, and I'm comfortable saying that it's the best use of legendary trip-hop band Portishead's music we're going to see at this year's show.

The trailer consists of equal parts hectic shooting and brooding atmosphere, which is encouraging. Metro 2033 won a lot of fans over with its unique vibe, and this trailer is reassuring for pushing that same sense of desperation and terror.

You can read Phil's long love letter to Metro: Last Light here, or come back next week for a report on the game's presence at E3.

  • I love the way this trailer moves with the music, very original..
  • Still disappointed that this isn't on PS3. That's ok though. Enjoy xboxers. Tell me how it is ;)
  • Oh my dear god. Ok, Metro 2033 is my favorite shooter of the last decade, with Crysis 2 a close second. I now know that I can no longer watch any Metro: Last Light trailers, since all it does is make me get all nerd-raged in my head that I can not play this thing right now, this very second.

    I am going dark on Metro: Last Light until the day it releases.
  • Looks insane. great choice for a song with the trailer. cant wait to see more

  • I was hoping that at the end the music was gonna drop and get all crazy with even more footage. Still awesome tho

  • That trailer was quality.

  • hell yeah. i love portishead.  

  • This game looks great! I need to wrap up the original; that game was a beast to beat!

  • I would really really love if they could somehow incorporate some Portishead into the game proper after seeing how perfectly they mesh. And it's not like music in games has a bad track record, look at RDR, that arrival into Mexico was one of the greatest moments in a game i've ever experienced, truly beautiful and just wouldn't have been the same without Jose Gonzalez and his dreamy waves of guitar and despair(<--how pretentious does that sound? I'm ashamed, i may as well pack it in and go review music at Pitchfork)

  • I need to play the first one now I think definitely :)
  • Incredibly unique, I can't believe this is only 4A's second game... they are doing it right!

  • defintely a huge improvement from the first game

  • Yes!

    I wonder if there will be some sort of co-op experience.

    Don't need competitive, but I would love me some co-op in the Metro universe.

    The music was amazing.

  • cool song anyone know what its called
  • The song was very fitting. Hopeless, and unique - in the sense that it had this beat driving it, unlike the many other "desperation songs" in trailers that usually feature a small child singing just above a whisper (I'm not saying that I don't like those other songs, the way; I actually thoroughly enjoy them, I just think that it's nice that this song has it's own unique aspects)

  • Wow, that is friggin cool, of course the song helps the inspiration. And I haven't played the first, is it also on PC?
  • Very interesting trailer. Looks like it has a good atmosphere.

  • I tried to play the first Metro game, but i really couldn't get into it. But this trailer makes me want to try it out again.

  • I was very interested in the first one, then reviews came out and I was kinda disappointed. This, however, looks to good to pass up. Even if it doesn't live to expectations, I'll definitely get around to playing Metro: Last Light

  • Great trailer. The first game was crazy but good,looks like they'll be sticking with it.

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