Twelve Minutes Of In-Game Footage Released - Metro: Last Light - PlayStation 3 -
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Metro: Last Light

Twelve Minutes Of In-Game Footage Released

How much atmospheric Russian horror can you handle? Find out with this massive gameplay video.

Metro: Last Light, the sequel to Metro 2033, is an intense first-person shooter set in the tunnels under Moscow as mankind scrambles for survival after a world-ending apocalypse. Phil will go on for hours if he so much as hears someone say the word "metro", even since before Last Light's outstanding E3 showing, and he's not the only member of the game's hardcore cult following.

Metro: Last Light comes out next year on all three HD platforms. Yes, haters, PC still counts.

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  • Since when did PC not count?
  • The last game was a great new IP. I couldnt really get into it for some reason. But i have a feeling that with a newer version i just might have the ability to finish it all the way through.

  • PC stopped counting when you move out of your moms basement and got a job.
  • Wow... Impressive

  • they got the same feel for the weapons as the last game, which was brilliant, but everything else seems out of place, as if it shouldnt be part of metro's universe. i hope this won't disappoint
  • i'll have to watch this footage at a later time cause i can't right now D:
  • Holy crap. That was amazing.
  • No recoil firing a mini-gun (not mounted) is realistic...............

  • The first game wowed me with its laser sight. This time, it was when he removed the lightbulb.

    Good game.

  • Still haven't had a chance to play the first installment. Cmon Steam Sales! Don't fail me now!

  • 2 things, if the air is toxic why isn't anyone wearing masks? and will the whole game be in Russian? It pretty much looks like an extended W@W's Russian levels, with your sarge telling you what to do and saving your butt when you get shot/blown up/stabbed in cut scenes.
  • woo!

  • Burning away the spider webs with the lighter was the highlight for me.
  • That looks really cool. I want to play the first but I don't have a good enough PC.
  • Looks like it's got destructible environments. And that Mosin Nagant gun was sick.

  • First of all: Oh my god. Second - oh my f*cking god. That was awesome. They've totally managed to keep the vibe from the first game - that initial bit in the metro tunnels was great. The echoes, the darkness, everything. That sound design was fantastic. I loved how the soundtrack picked up whenever he stabbed people, and then went into full blown action mode when the shootout broke out. Great setpieces too, nice use of a rail shooter - especially in a way that doesn't feel out of place in the game (you're literally on rails). The destructible environments were a really nice touch too, and I'm wondering if you could have even put out that fire by shooting the wood away. As for the ending (when he's fighting the creatures), was that a dodge move I saw? That would be pretty sweet. I'm a little iffy on the story - although "the dark ones" were a little hokey, I didn't think that they needed to be cut out of the story completely (although who knows, the remnants could just be in hiding or something)... As you can probably tell, I'm pretty freaking excited for this game :D

  • I am a big fan of Metro 2033 and it seems like they are improving on everything that plagued the first one. Can't wait to play it

  • Just awesome, can't wait for the game.

  • I know that MW3 and BF3 will sell like hotcakes and are more wanted, but i want this more than both of them combined.

  • Oh look, another post-apocalyptic third-person shooter. I'm so excited. Really, can't wait. I'll tell ya, the gaming industry is seriously beginning to mirror hollywood with their knack for the unoriginal.
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