Metro is an immersing FPS that is created after the best selling Russian novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky with the same namesake and developed by 4A Games and published by THQ. The story goes on after a nuclear incident in and around Russia, causing the surface to be unlivable due to the toxic radiation. Always striving for survival, the people take refuge in the immense underground metro tunnels. It could be guessed that life isn't all that simple underground as mutated creatures make every life hell; Added on top of juxtaposed ideologies of the "Reds" and "Nazis".


You take the reins as Artyom. A silent protagonist youth going through the motions of metro life because that's all he knows. Born and raised in the metro, Artyom only characterization of his want for the surface is his postcard collection and the hint of his voice at the chapter monologue. This part of his life is uprooted when he is entrusted a task to deliver a message if the first person is never heard from.

The metro is filled with danger and traps. This guide is just a simple overview of tips that might help in the end.

Currency: Bullets, Pre-war 5.56 rifle ammunition, are used for purchasing crap ammo, supplies, weapons, and weapon attachments. Careful as with an extended press of the reload button, you could be using money to add a few more holes to the charging Nosalis rather than cheap after-war ammo.Weapons:

Weapons: The effectiveness of each weapon is defined by their characteristics. Longer barrels on the revolver equals increased accuracy, while silencer means less damage but much quieter. Another point to know that all weapons are the same in the sense that there is no weapon degradation. Choose the weapon of your preference. All AK-47's shoot like AK-47's, only modifications matter (but get the AK, it's a great weapon).

Patience: Not only for the immersion, but on the firefights against other humans that you encounter. It could take over a minute for your heart to stop pumping and your health to regenerate, unless you use a health syrette, but these are in short supply. Don't worry so much about enemies rushing you. They do this rarely, they like their cover just as much as you should.

Stealth is optional!: The stealth mechanics of the Metro are sub-par. Miss an enemy with a throwing knife and they will all be alerted instantly and the one you missed will begin shooting at your exact position. After the initial alert, the only way to go on is to restart at the checkpoint. One of the good things about Metro is the fact that stealth is not required and it's completely possible to blast your way through guns blazing. Not to say it isn't possible for I've done it. I will make a specific guide on the stealth aspects if requested.

Explore: the game may be linear, but it has a few branching side paths that may reveal ammo, weapons, and other set-piece moments not found on the beaten path. Make sure to get real close and listen to the pipes...

A few more quick tips

1. Wear headphones or use surround sound.

2. Pay attention to your accuracy in the begging shooting range. Not every weapon shoots strait.

3. Never forget to charge your battery's or pump your pneumatic weapons. This is life or death here.

4. Respond to this guide if you want more. This will greatly improve the enjoyment of the game. 30-day money back guarantee!