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  • Blog Post: Ready for the appocalypse?

    Metro 2033 is a post appocalypse novel created by Dmitry Glukhovsky metro2033(game) is developed by 4Agames and published by THQ Although this game literally scared the crap out if me and made me jump out of my seat metro 2033 made me feel like I was back playing old ps1 resident evil 2.this survival... More
  • Blog Post: A Fantastic On-Going Experience

    I'm not the kind of person who goes for a first person shooter. However I heard of Metro 2033 back when it was in pre-dev and I found it interesting. Fast forward two years when I see it on sale on Steam (of course). I decide to buy it and give this game the shot I wanted to years before. And dear... More
  • Blog Post: Not your average shooter.

    I bought this game soon after it came out (do not ask why I am finally doing a review now) and I was sucked into it instantly. The story is one of the best to appear in a FPS in a long time and this helps make you care for the characters as well. The story is the biggest aspect of the game that made... More
  • Blog Post: It's The End of The World And I Feel Fine

    Once in a great while, a game comes along that changes how you feel about a genre. Metro 2033 is one such game. For me, the game revived my faith in the FPS genre as a means of successful storytelling, as opposed to the twitch and pop gameplay of the traditional juggernauts of Call of Duty and Halo.... More
  • Blog Post: Metro 2033: Overlooked Brilliance

    Game: Metro 2033 Genre: FPS, Survival Horror Console played on: PC Rating: M Every once in a while a game will come along with enough guts and balls big enough to slip past my guard and steal my heart from right under my nose, (Don’t ask why it was there, Trust me you don’t want to know.... More
  • Blog Post: A straightforward, but innovative journey.

    Amidst the high-profile games with loads of game modes and heavy marketing material, a unique game will occasionally come along and show surprising skill and polish only found by those willing to look. I started off relatively interested in Metro 2033, even before I began playing. I read reviews detailing... More
  • Blog Post: Astonishing atmosphere

    This game did everything absolutely right in creating a believable world with a dark atmosphere. Using bullets for money making you choose between using them to kill your next foe or to buy your next weapon, having to use a gas mask when you are on the surface forcing you to look for gasmask filters... More
  • Blog Post: THis game is completely awful. You have all lost it.

    When I first heard about Metro 2033, I was extremely exited. I had been waiting for my post apocalyptic dreamland, and this seemed to be it. Too bad the game sucks. It is full of glitches, the graphics are god awful(that is a little harsh, they are only bad if you've been playing games such as Assassin's... More
  • Blog Post: Breath taking, jaw dropping, nerve racking and yet just AWESOME--Metro 2033

    So here we are with metro 2033 amazing story line- yet not for the younger generation. On your first mission you will be breathless and then the in game reality sets in...This is no play ground, this is a dangerouse world. You will go from one station from another in the tunnels looking over your sholder... More
  • Blog Post: Not what I had expected.

    The Stalker series, has become one of my all time favorite videogame series ever. The gritty feel to it, is reminiscent of fallout 3, but ironically enough, feels like it takes place farther in the future, mainly due to the weapons. When I heard that Metro was a new game made by some of the Stalker visionaries... More
  • Blog Post: fallout meets call of duty

    dont ask play it More
  • Blog Post: Metro 2033 Review

    If your into playing strickly multiplayer with big guns and easy objectives, this game is certainly not for you. If not, your place in the Moscow underground is already awaiting you. This game is built largely off the book Metro 2033. With that background, the game is linear (which means that this isn't... More
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