Metro 2033 has a great atmosphere and can give a player the chills, the creeps, or the laughs, mattering on what you are listening in on or taking part in.

The story is very fun to play though. I have not read the novel, but I have tried to get it ever since playing this game. The story is very engaging and I felt bad about the way the game ended, making me wonder about the amount of filth that covers the human soul and morals. It doesn't end like any shooter, which should please anybody who has gotten tired of the "COD effect" so to speak. The guns were fun to use and I often had to choose between air filters and a new gun and ammo. They don't FEEL very powerful, but they definitely get the job done, and are very creative in there design. The monsters are appropriately creepy and make me play with the lights on at night. They were not easy to kill, giving me a considerable challenge. They will gang up on you and attack you from behind, but it doesn't feel cheap or like the game is cheating you. It just feels like the AI is using intelligence. The graphics could use some work on consoles, but they get the job done. The voicework is also good, but it didn't blow me away like Black Ops. The gunplay could use a little work, as the controls didn't feel as good as modern shooters, though that can really be chocked up to it being a survival horror FPS.

This game was a delight for me to play, and I questioned my decisions every step of the way, from either giving or refusing to give a bullet, the game's currency, to a kid, to what supplies I needed to collect to go take another journey to the surface. This game is an easy buy for anybody who loved the Fallout games or just wants a great time shooting monsters. With challenge.